How pizza is cooked in different countries


Pizza is one of the most loved foods worldwide. It originated from Italy, and over time, it has become a popular dish that is enjoyed in different parts of the world. Although the basic ingredients are the same, the way pizza is cooked varies significantly from one country to another. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at how pizza is cooked in different parts of the world, exploring the unique variations used in each region. You can see more on this website


The birthplace of pizza. In Italy, pizza is cooked in a wood-fired oven, and there are strict regulations on what can be used as ingredients. The dough is made from flour, salt, yeast, and water, and is rolled out thin and then topped with tomato sauce and grated mozzarella cheese. Depending on the region, other toppings can be added, such as cured meats, vegetables, or seafood. Pizza is cooked at high temperatures for a short time to achieve a crispy crust.

United States

In the US, pizza has evolved into a different dish with more varied toppings. Pizza is cooked in a gas-fired oven, and the dough is typically thicker and softer than in Italy. Unique toppings like pepperoni and oregano are very popular. There are also regional variations, such as New York-style pizza, which has a thin and crispy crust, and Chicago-style pizza, which is deep-dish pizza with a thick crust and plenty of cheese.


In Japan, pizza is cooked with a twist. The dough is typically made from a blend of flour and soy flour, which produces a dense, chewy texture. Instead of tomato sauce, pizza toppings are made from a mix of mayonnaise, teriyaki sauce, and other Japanese ingredients. Popular toppings include squid, tuna, seaweed, and corn.


Indian pizza reflects the local food culture, with many vegetarian options available. The dough is made with wheat flour and yeast, and is often topped with curry, paneer cheese, or tandoori chicken. Instead of tomato sauce, yogurt or chutney is used as the base in some variations. Indian pizza is cooked in a tandoor oven, an earthen oven that is traditionally used to cook Indian bread.


Australian pizza has its own unique style, with unusual toppings like beets, fried eggs, and ham. The crust is often thick and fluffy. Australian pizza is most similar to American-style pizza but with a unique twist. The pizza is cooked in a gas-fired oven and is typically served with a side of garlic bread or dipping sauces.

Pizza, though originated in Italy, has undergone many changes in different parts of the world. Pizza lovers worldwide have adapted it to their local culture and taste preferences, creating a wide range of unique styles. The ingredients and cooking methods may differ from country to country, but what remains the same is the love for this delicious dish. So, let’s embrace the differences and enjoy pizza in all its various variations.

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