Gypssai, the influencer Ana M Moreno


Meet Ana, the Spanish curvy model and influencer famous in the US. We will mention how she arrived here, how she became famous, and what she does.

Europe was in crisis in 2015, so she got an opportunity to come to the US. She was pregnant and waited for her baby to be born, to then travel alone to the US with just a baby in her hands. No family, no friends, no suitcases, nothing. She didn’t even speak English.

She started working as Housekeeping in hotels, and talking with guests to practice English. She also used to go to the library to read books to her daughter in English and that’s how she learned the language.

Used to live in studios and in bad neighborhoods. She dreamed of finding a job where she could take care of her daughter and she didn’t have to go to the daycare all day because mom had to work. She also dreamed of seeing her family again. She couldn’t see her family for five years because she did not have money. In the hotel many people mentioned she should be an Instagram model and influencer. Several people insisted that she should create an Instagram account. She did and one day a popular instagram account that used to post plus size models saw her and posted her on their social media. She gained 10k followers that day. People asked her if she was an influencer and that’s how she discovered a job she could make while taking care of her daughter. She worked so hard to gain followers and become what she’s now. Something that started just as a way to get a job at home, turned into her passion. She loves her job and would love to never retire. She has also created a marketing business agency, and has been author of a thriller book.

Sometimes life can change really fast. From having nothing she became a very famous model and content creator, and she also owns several properties. Her daughter comes to work everywhere in the world with her and she never came back to any daycare. They’re inseparables. And they also travel to Spain to see their family, and their family travel to the US to visit them.

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